Mr. David Copperfield Where Have you been ?

Mr David Copperfield, Where have you been ? I have never heard any news about David Copperfield. Suddenly, He will come to Indonesia and conduct his magic show.

David Copperfield is coming back to Jakarta, Indonesia.

The title : Wonder of the World

Date : 23 - 28 October 2007

Ticket :

  • platinum : IDR 1,000,000
  • gold : IDR 600,000
  • first class : IDR 400,000
  • second class : IDR 300,000

Venue : Istora Senayan

Organizer : Buena Produktama

The reasons for me to watch the magic show :

  • the magic tricks and showmanship of David Copperfield
  • i watched the first and the second show of David Copperfield
  • this show is maybe the last show of David Copperfield in Indonesia

The reasons why i should not go :

  • David Copperfield is already old, so i doubt there would be a new tricks
  • The BCA card promo tickets ( buy one get one free ) has already been sold out
  • I confuse about the seats. Last time, i bought the VVIP tickets for David Copperfield magic show, but what happened ?, the seats were lower than the stage, so i had to move to VIP seats ( lower class ) to get a better view. In this coming show, the place is the same, and the platinum seats are lower than the stage. Should i buy the gold seats ? Aren't they too far from the stage ?

So the conclusion is i am still confuse, should i go or not ? Any advices ?

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