My Votes for 2007 Asian Idol

Did you watch Asian Idol show last night ? wow, it's blown me away. The participant quality is very good. It actually was a very tight competition. Based on last night performances, my ranks for them are :

  1. Jacklyn Victor ( Malaysia )
  2. Mike Mohede ( Indonesia )
  3. Mau Marcelo ( Philippine )
  4. Abhijeet Sawant ( India )
  5. Phuong Vy ( Vietnam )
  6. Hady Mirza ( Singapore )

Jacklyn Victor : wow the vocal performance was blown away.

Mike Mohede : the vocal performance was as good as Jacklyn Victor but from the entertainment side was not as good as hers.

Mau Marcelo : the vocal was good but lack of entertainment

Abhijeet Sawant : his performance was very entertain but the vocal was not as good as others.

Phuang Vy : she is very good looking but too bad her choice songs couldn't show his true ability. She sang better when sang a duet with Vietnam idols at the end of the show.

Hady Mirza : his performance was good but not as good as others.

So what do you think ? who deserves to become the next Asian Idol ?

So my votes are for Mike and Jacklyn Victor , but i hope Mike Mohede would be the next Asian Idol. What yours ?

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