Favorite American Idol Contestants from Atalanta

American has begun the new season. I love the contestants that cannot be judged by their covers. The appereances are not convincing but when they are singing, they really can blow. I love this kind of contestants. How about you ? what is your criteria ?

In Today American Idol episode in Atalanta, my favorite American Idol Contestants are

1. Amanda Overmyer

  • contestant number : 39933
  • she is 22 and a rocker girl.
  • her appereance was not convincing at all, but when she was singing, her voice was very good. I like her.

2. Josiah Leming

  • contestant number : 46069
  • he is 19 and lives in his car for more than eight months
  • what interesting about him was he spoke with American accent but sang with British accent.

Those are my favorite contestants, how about you ?

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