David Hernandez Who Lost on American Idol Tonight

David Hernandez was the one who lost on American Idol Tonight. I didn't expect he was the one who lost on American Idol tonight, he didn't expect either. After Ryan told him that he was at the bottom three, Ryan Seacrest asked him about his feeling, he said fine because at the bottom three didn't mean going home.

After Ryan Seacrest announced that the one who lost on American Idol tonight was David Hernandez. He said it's okay but his face said something else. I think he was shocked and sad but didn't want to show it.

In my view, his performance wasn't the worst one. Too bad he must going home. But this is not the end , it's just the beginning of his career.


Anonymous said...

ternyata david hernandez yg keluar.....
mungkin orang amrik pada ga suka ama gosipnya dia

Favourite Tv Program said...

mungkin juga, soalnya penampilan dia bukan yg terburuk.