Mariah Carey Week on American Idol

I think it is a good job for American Idol to choose Mariah Carey as a mentor, she is one of the best singer ever.

My reviews on American Idol tonight :

1. David Archuleta

  • opened the show with a bang

2. Carly Smithson

  • should be more confidence with her ability

3. Brooke White

  • a shaky performance, please be careful

4. David Cook

  • once again surprise the audience, the bet was payoff

5. Syesha Mercado

  • has the guts to sing big songs, keep it going

6. Kristy Lee Cook

  • having improvement week after week

7. Jason Castro

  • showed his pure and unique voice

Overall, everybody have done a good job, but somebody has to go, right ?

My prediction on Who Lost On American Idol Tonight is Brooke White. I hope my prediction is wrong because i love her voice.

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