American Idol 2009 Auditions Review

American Idol season 8 has been started. In tonight American Idol 2009 auditions, My American Idol season 8 favorite contestants are American Idol bikini girl, horror boy, closet boy, and wonder boy.

American Idol bikini girl. Her name is Katrina Darrell. I was surprised by her audition, because usually, contestants who wear costumes cannot sing. I think Katrina Darrel can sing well and her bikini make her stand out of the crowd among 2009 American Idol contestants.

American Idol horror boy. His name is Cody Sheldon. His hobby is make horror movies. It's scary, right? but after he sang Wonderful World, everything change from a scary to a pleasant moment. Cody Sheldon could be the next Sanjaya on American Idol season 8.

American Idol closet boy. His name is Alex Wagner-Trugman and usually sing in the closet. I think his voice has unique tone. Simon Cowell didn't like him, but he went through to Hollywood.

American Idol wonder boy. His name is Scott Macintyre. Although he lost his vision, but his singing ability was amazing. I think his voice is so pure, Scott Macintyre is the American Idol season 8 wonder boy. American Idol 2009 auditions saved the best for last. I love Music.

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