Simon Cowell Comments on American Idol Top 11

Simon Cowell comments on American Idol Top 11. Although my last week American Idol prediction on who lost on American Idol tonight was correct but for this week I'll write about Simon Cowell comments vs mine on my favorite American Idol Top 11 contestants.

Simon Cowell comments vs my comments on American Idol Top 11.

1. Adam Lambert on Ring of Fire song

  • Simon Cowell comment: what the hell was that?
  • my comment: i disagree, i prefer Kara DioGuardi comment, it's strange but like it.
2. Anoop Desai
  • Simon Cowell comment: from zero to hero
  • my comment: i think Anoop dog was good but i expected better than that.
3. Danny Gokey on Jesus Take The Wheel song
  • Simon Cowell: can't scream from beginning of the song.
  • my comment: i agree with Simon Cowell.
Sometimes i agree and sometimes i don't agree with Simon Cowell but i like to hear Simon Cowell comments on American Idol. Simon Cowell comments make American Idol more than a music show.

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