American Idol Finale 2009 Adam Lambert vs Kris Allen

American Idol Finale 2009 between Adam Lambert vs Kris Allen. American Idol results didn't match my American Idol predictions. Kris Allen and Adam Lambert deserved to be on American Idol final 2. Danny Gokey who got voted off American Idol tonight.

American Idol results 2009:

  1. Kris Allen
  2. Adam Lambert
  3. Danny Gokey
Katy Perry American Idol
  • Katie Perry sang her new music single Waking Up in Vegas with an Elvis Presley costume. Las Vegas best place for a holiday.
Kris Allen vs Adam Lambert, who will win American Idol 2009? i think Adam Lambert, but we cannot underestimate Kris Allen. Kris Allen beat Danny Gokey and made it through to American Idol Top Two.

Next week American Idol Finale season 8 is gonna exciting to watch live. Forget about recession, interest rates, stock trading, and options trading, just watch live Adam Lambert vs Kris Allen 2009 American Idol Finale.

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