My Fair Lady Korean Drama KBS World TV Schedule English Subtitle

My Fair Lady new Korean drama on KBS World TV. Korean drama My Fair Lady premier date KBS World TV 16 Sept 2009. Watch KBS World drama Korean My Fair Lady TV schedule with English subtitle.

My Fair Lady schedule KBS World TV:

  • showtime: Wednesday: 21.00; Thursday: 02.30, 21.00; Friday: 02.30 UTC+8
  • KBS World TV
  • Korean drama English subtitles
My Fair Lady casting members:
  • Yoon Eun Hye plays Kang Hye Na
  • Yoon Sang Hyun plays Seo Dong Chan
  • Jung Il Woo plays Lee Tae Yoon
  • Moon Chae Won plays Yeo Eui Ju
Korean drama TV series My Fair Lady synopsis is about Hye Na Kang, a rich girl, who live like a princess, like Miss Universe.

Korean drama My Fair Lady is the latest Yoon Eun Hye drama Korea and English subtitled Korean drama on KBS World TV. I hope My Fair Lady ost as good as Wonder Girls song. Korean drama fans must watch TV schedule KBS World Korean drama My Fair Lady.


Korean Drama store said...

yes, i will watch the latest KBS World TV drama My Fair Lady.

Anonymous said...

very recommended!!
Yoon Eun Hye and Yoon Sang Hyun are amazing!!
Really love their chemistry in My Fair Lady

Anonymous said...

I LIKE the way Yoon Eun Hye act

aliki Kay said...

I loved My Fair Lady as I do all the rest of the Korean dramas but what happens in the end???We get cut off without seeing the end of all our dramas!!! People dont understand why I love the Korean channel, but their dramas are different to the States, where it is all about sex. Korean shows are deeper and show wonderful family respect & values.
My family, my love was another show which did not show the last episodes. Thanks KBS!!! Aliki

Anonymous said...

I'm an expat working in Saudi Arabia and had already watched My Fair Lady. I really wish that the Director and writer is working now for the 2nd Part. We must see the success of Buttler Seo and Hyu Na + the fall of his uncle due to his greediness! Looking forward to My Fair Lady II.