American Idol Top 12 Contestants Reviews

American Idol Top 12 contestants survive not becoming who lost on American Idol tonight. Who won American Idol tonight and reviews:

  1. Aaron Kelly, young American Idol candidates with good voice
  2. Andrew Garcia, peak too soon. American Idol judges use Paula Abdul song performance as benchmark.
  3. Casey James, country singer with good voice and model looks.
  4. Crystal Bowersox, good singer with health problems
  5. Didi Benami, singer with unique voice, lack of star quality.
  6. Katie Stevens, needs to sing younger type of songs.
  7. Lacey Brown, good voice but needs to increase star power.
  8. Lee Dewyze, singer with soulful voice.
  9. Michael Lynche, singer with big voice.
  10. Paige Miles, good voice, needs to improve star quality.
  11. Siobhan Magnus, very good voice with unique personality.
  12. Tim Urban, great look and weak singing techniques.
Top 12 American Idol contestants have to invest more efforts in music quality to win American Idol. Watch live Top 12 American Idol.

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