American Idol Top 3 Who Got Kicked Off Results Tonight

American Idol Top 3 Crystal Bowersox vs Casey James vs Lee DeWyze. Who got kicked off American Idol: Michael Lynche. American Idol results match American Idol result prediction? Michael Lynche who lost on American Idol tonight not worse contestant.

Crystal Bowersox American Idol
Crystal Bowersox American Idol champion? she is the strongest American Idol winner candidate. Her voice good. Crystal Bowersox, working mom, health problems can ruin American Idol title. Crystal Bowersox American Idol Final vs Casey James vs Lee DeWyze?

Casey James vs Lee DeWyze
Casey James American Idol Final vs Lee DeWyze American Idol Finals? Casey James music genre: pop rock music and Lee DeWyze music genre: pop R&B music. Lee Dwyze potential higher than Casey James. Both candidates good investment, but Lee better to invest.

American Idol results prediction
American Idol results: not sure who will be in American Idol Final Crystal Bowersox vs Lee Dewyze or Crystal Bowersox vs Casey James. Who got kicked off American Idol result show? Watch Lee Dewyze vs Casey James vs Crystal Bowersox Top 3 American Idol.

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