The Biggest Plasma TV in the World is in Indonesia

About a week ago, when i went to Electronic City, Jakarta, i saw a big plasma TV which is Sharp plasma TV. That plasma TV has 65 inch screen. wow so big ! Do you know what is the price ? the price is almost Rp. 200 million or usd 20,000 ( if usd 1 = Rp. 10,000 ). i think it's very expensive for a TV even for a plasma TV. But to be honest, i want that plasma TV, why ? because i love watching TV and can you imagine how amazing it would be if we play PlayStation 3 using that big plasma TV ?

A 65 inch plasma TV had already blown me away, but yesterday at Senayan city, at Best Denki store to be exactly, i saw a 103 inch Panasonic plasma TV. Wow ! At the bottom of that plasma TV, there was a text that said " The biggest plasma TV in the world ". But too bad there was no price tag on it. I wonder how much the price is. Does anyone know ?

If you're interested to see the biggest plasma TV in the world, please go to Best Denki store at Senayan City, 4th floor. See it for yourself !

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