Who will be the 2007 Indonesian Idol ?

Indonesian Idol is one of my favourite TV program, although i think the American Idol is better. It is because the quality of the singers and the competitiveness are better.

Last Saturday i watched Indonesian idol in RCTI. I thought that both performances from Rini and Wilson were good. They sang three songs, the first song was the juries pick, the second was the finalist pick, and the last song was the winner of the idol competition song. Between Rini and Wilson, i like Rini better, because she can sing songs in English better than Wilson. From that show, i found some interesting things, which were :

  • Comment from Indra Lesmana

The last comment from Indra Lesmana, one of the Indonesian Idol jury, that Wilson's performance on the last song was better than Rini's. It was shocking. Why ? from his comments before the last song, i noticed that he and other juries thought Rini's performances were better, but what happened on the last song, he gave same score for the first and the second song but he gave Wilson the better score on the last song. Until now, i don't know why he gave that score. It's may be to make the competition tighter ??

  • How to pronounce Wilson ?

Why the presenters pronounced Wilson using English pronunciation, although his own families pronounce his name using Indonesian pronunciation. I think the presenter should pronounce Wilson as his families pronounce it.

So who do you think will be the next Indonesian Idol ? Don't miss the result next week !

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