Who Lost on American Idol Tonight is Syesha Mercado

Who Lost on American Idol Tonight ?

Syesha Mercado is the contestant who lost on American Idol tonight. This result didn't surprise me because she has the worst performance among the contestants. So American Idol 2008 will be a male contestant whose name is David. But the question is which David will be the winner of 2008 American Idol ? Cook or Archuleta ?

Based on historical data :

David Archuleta would be the winner of American Idol. Why ? do you remember Season 4 American Idol final ? Bo Bice vs Carrie Underwood ? that situation is the same as the current situation, right ?

  • David Cook = Bo Bice = rocker
  • David Archuleta = Carrie Underwood = pop singer

So historical data supports David Archuleta, how about you ?


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