Who Won on American Idol Tonight is David Archuleta

Who lost on American Idol Tonight ?

no one lost on American Idol tonight. The next question is who won on American Idol tonight ? my answer would be David Archuleta. In stock investing, there are two type of analysis, technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Based on stock analysis, my analysis on who won American Idol tonight is :

1. Technical Analysis

Based on historical data, pop singer beat rock singer. Carrie Underwood beat Bob Bice in the American Idol season 4. David Archuleta and David Cook have the same situation. So based on technical analysis, David Archuleta would be the contestant who won on American Idol Tonight.

2. Fundamental Analysis

Based on the performances, David Archuleta who won American Idol tonight. David Archuleta won all the rounds, not only because of his consistent performances but also his smart choice of songs. He picked the best songs that showcased his ability as a singer. I was a little bit surprise that David Archuleta could beat David Cook in song choices, i thought David Cook would be the one with more experiences.

So based on technical analysis and fundamental analysis, the contestant who won on American Idol tonight is David Archuleta. David Archuleta Knock Out David Cook.

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