Who Won on American Idol Tonight is David Cook

Who won on American Idol tonight is David Cook. I was surprised that my prediction was wrong. I was pretty sure that David Archuleta was the one who won on American Idol tonight. But too be honest, David Cook deserved it to win American Idol 2008 because he can change famous songs into his own style.

I think American Idol voters made this decision not solely based on last night performances but also other performances in American Idol. Please remember that David Cook had never lost his song words, David Archuleta did it once.

This result shocked many people including the juries. Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson said that David Archuleta was the best singer in American Idol but the voters thought differently. Nobody could predict the result, this is why American Idol named as the best reality show. http://hanstaruna.blogspot.com/

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