Adam Lambert American Idol, is he that good?

Adam Lambert American Idol sang Tears for Fears Mad World on American Idol Top 8 last night. Adam Lambert chose Mad World, because it suited American Idol theme song, the year he was born.

Adam Lambert Mad World performance got a standing ovation from Simon Cowell. Yes, his performance was good, but was it that good? i think Adam Lambert was better when he sang Michael Jackson song, Black or White. But if Simon Cowell gave him a standing ovation, it must be a blown away performance, maybe i need to watch the rerun telecast before watching Liverpool vs Chelsea and Barcelona vs Bayern Munich.

Adam Lambert is my favorite contestant on American Idol 2009. His voice is unique and his music sense is good. Adam Lambert always any kind of music with his own style. Remember American Idol Top 11? he sang country music with his own style. Adam Lambert music is a good music invest tool.

So Adam Lambert American Idol, is he that good? yes, he is that good, but not on American Idol tonight. His performance was good but not that good. Who can compete with Danny Gokey American Idol and win American Idol season 8? Adam Lambert American Idol. American Idol made me forgetting bad Champions League results and stock trading losses.

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