Scott MacIntyre American Idol 2009

Scott MacIntyre American Idol who was voted off on American Idol tonight. American Idol April 8, 2009 is the end of the road for Scott Macintyre and didn't made it through to American Idol Top 7. This American Idol result was a surprise, just like Champions League football results.

American Idol April 8 bottom three on result show:

  1. Lil Rounds
  2. Anoop Desai
  3. Scott MacIntyre
To be honest, this American Idol result didn't match my American Idol predictions. Scott MacIntyre became the latest contestant who lost on American Idol tonight. Why American Idol judges didn't use the American Idol save option? i think Simon Cowell and friends safe the save option for Danny Gokey or Adam Lambert. I agree with the American Idol judge decision. Scott MacIntyre is very talented singer but his last night performance was not good, compared to other contestant's performances.

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